PIVOTAL believes in the power of the individual to make a huge and positive difference, in their own lives, and in the greater service of others.  We know that one of the joys of life is in learning to develop and unlock this power within oneself and others.  Because the workplace is where many people spend much of their time and energy, PIVOTAL believes that work and the workplace can become crucibles for each person to develop extraordinary capabilities and qualities of character.  This power in each of us to develop ourselves more fully is greatly multiplied when individuals can band with others in ways to evoke greater responsibility, imagination, creativity, initiative and inclusiveness.

However, many groups, from small teams to large organisations, instead of creating synergy, have developed behaviours that constrict this natural and human drive for excellence.  This tendency towards mediocrity can be averted through the leadership development process we bring.

At PIVOTAL, we bring our experience and expertise in management consulting, business science, personal growth psychology, and the wisdom traditions, to a wide range of industries and fields in which our clients work, so that with them, we shift the culture of the organisation, transform the norms of the team, and unlock the talents within each individual.


~ The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. ~  

Albert Einstein